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Social Media Infographic

How Infographic Can Help in Viral Social Marketing

  Infographic is the visual image which gives wide information for the query. Data visualization, information design, visual content, and info graphics having the same meaning ... Continue Reading →

How to create a free website in minutes?

Got a quick job to create a website? Too busy to design your own template in DreamWeaver? Don’t worry here is an online service that let you build your website in minutes. If ... Continue Reading →
search by reverse image google

How to Search By Image Using Google Image Search

Internet has millions of web content and it includes web pages, images pdf and more. Images are something we all love to keep in memory. Reverse image search proves  to be useful if ... Continue Reading →
cool facebook logo

How to Browse Facebook Without Advertisements.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a top social media website that connects you with your friends and family but many people started hating it as Facebook come up with the Timeline ... Continue Reading →

How to Install a Plugin in WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful and most used content management system in the world. Almost 65% of the websites in the internet are powered by WordPress. The cool part of WordPress ... Continue Reading →

How to Chat in Google Docs

If you are managing and collaborating with spreadsheets online Google docs is one of the best data online work on spreadsheets and the most convenient thing is that you can Chat in ... Continue Reading →
Google Chat

How to become Idle on Google Chat or Gtalks intentionally

Google is the best in providing all kind of online services like Gtalk, Picasa, Google drive etc. We all really like communicating or chatting. Google chat on Gmail, or Gtalk on Desktop ... Continue Reading →

How to invite Gmail contacts to Chat in bulk

Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful . It makes email easy and efficient.  Business man, college going students, almost everyone have ... Continue Reading →
Facebook auto posting feed

How to Auto Post WordPress Blog Feed To Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the top Social Network at the moment with the highest number of users than any other website on the web. So it is the most priority to use facebook for marketing your blog ... Continue Reading →
rss feed to twitter

How to Auto Post Recent Blog Feed To Twitter Using Feedburner

Twitter is a popular micro blogging social network which all online businesses use for marketing. You must have come here searching for “post blog to twitter, RSS feed to Twitter ... Continue Reading →