How to Browse Facebook Without Advertisements.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a top social media website that connects you with your friends and family but many people started hating it as Facebook come up with the Timeline feature and now annoying advertisements between the posts. Ok.. Timeline is not a big issue as many people liked it too but what about the annoying advertisements? You get an ad after every 4 posts and there is one more vertical advertisement banner in the left side. You might have thought to browse Facebook without advertisements right? Here is the solution.

Cheap Advertisements Served by Facebook

Facebook is losing its professional look and feel with irrelevant ads, it seems that FB is using some cheap tricks to earn money though it got the profit of $3.7 billion in the year of 2011 and the profit is continued to increase in the first quarter of 2012. The advertisements that Facebook serving are too cheap and such ads are usually found in torrent sites. Here are some sample ads which we often mess with in FB these days –

  • “Your friend sent you a message click here to read”

Browse Facebook without advertisements

dear facebook there is no notification of such message in notification area!, don’t use such tricks to make money with your ads!.

Then How to browse Facebook without advertisements?

Do you seriously hate Facebook advertisements? Don’t worry here is a way to browse Facebook without any annoying advertisements. Here you will be introduced with a Facebook desktop client that brings almost all features of Facebook without ads.

facebook desktop client

By using Telerik Fdeck desktop client you can post on your wall, like others posts, write comments and chat with your friends and most importantly you can browse Facebook without advertisements. Just go through the steps below to download Telerik Fdeck Facebook desktop client-

  1. Navigate your browser to Telerik fdeck website and click on install button
  2. The app gets downloaded and installed in your PC within moments
  3. Once installed, it asks for your Facebook login details
  4. Type your login details and login to your FB account
  5. Now it’s time to browse Facebook without advertisements!


One Response to “How to Browse Facebook Without Advertisements.”

  1. Jass

    Aug 28. 2012

    lol, you should know that these cheap ads you are talking about are not served by Facebook, these are served by the spammy facebook apps & browser add ons you have installed.