How to Auto Post WordPress Blog Feed To Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the top Social Network at the moment with the highest number of users than any other website on the web. So it is the most priority to use facebook for marketing your blog or website. When it comes to posting your content to facebook, it can take a lot of time if you publish too many articles in your blog. To save time, you can simply setup an automated blog posting to your facebook fan Page so you don’t need to worry about your content reaching your Fan page.

In this article we’re going to show you how we can cut time in posting blog post updates to Facebook fan page using RSS Grafitti Facebook Application.

So Lets See How To Auto Post Blog To facebook using RSS Grafitti.

Step1: To get started, Login to your Facebook account and Go to

Step2: Click on Goto application and Authorize the application to your account when it asks for permission.

Step3: Now the application will redirect you to another page where you can enter your blog details which has to be auto posted.

Like in the below image, click on Add new publishing plan to add a your blog feed.

Auto updating facebook fan page

Step 4: Now name your Publishing plan on RSS graffiti and then click on “Create Publishing Plan”

publishing plan on rssgrafitti

Step 5: On the next screen you will find 2 new options to add source and destination fan page that you created.


Adding source feed to auto post on facebook

Step 6: Click on Add new source and add the link to your blog or enter your Twitter username as source to be published to your Facebook fan page.

adding source link


Step 7: If you are on WordPress, default feed address would be “” For example, for this site it is


adding source feed to auto post fan pagehere you can set the posting frequency and order of the link to be posted and maximum post per update.

Add a new target as fanpage


Like in the above screenshot, you can select the target as your own profile or the fan page you created and then select publish on behalf of as your profile or your fan page. In the below screenshot you can see the preview of how the feed looks when posted.


Fan page post preview


Last a final step.. Save changes and slide the OFF to ON arrow between the source and the destination and you are ready to go.

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