How to become Idle on Google Chat or Gtalks intentionally

Google is the best in providing all kind of online services like Gtalk, Picasa, Google drive etc. We all really like communicating or chatting. Google chat on Gmail, or Gtalk on Desktop gives us independence to speak anywhere and at any time with our online friends. We really like the transfer information, share images etc. But sometime we are busy in other work and don’t want to talk to people online who irritates or not in the mood to talk to them without disturbing our relations.

So there is any solution to this problem that show idle status and be active at the same time? As for this Google provide us no solutions so there are many tricks and softwares; which helps us become idle on google chat .

In real sense, gtalk idle status means that you are away from your gtalk or you are not using gtalk form last 15 minutes. So why would one normally want to set the status to idle . I wonder there might be tons of reason for everyone. Some do for fun and some for personal reasons. So you might know what reason you want to go idle.

So the best trick is using a small application known as GAlwaysIdle. Please follow the below steps for making your status idle.

Google Chat Idle status while being online

  • Step 1. First you need to install the Galwaysidle. For that go to website and click on download
  • Step 2 . Now save setup file t to hard drive or desktop where you want to save it. After installation you see a window which says “ congratulation your galwayssidle installed.

idle in gtalk chat

  • Step 3. Google Talk context menu shown in screenshot below. Click on the Always idle and you will get your statis idle.


I hope this post will proved to be helpful to you and you will be able to set your status to idle on Gtalk Gmail Chat or Google Chat. If you have any comments or feedbacks, please feel free to drop a comment below using the comment form.


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  1. sally

    May 21. 2013

    cool, but its not workng. Can u give the link pls?
    srry 4 spelling

  2. sally

    May 21. 2013

    I LOVE U !!!!