How to Check Do Follow and No Follow Links in Google Chrome?

Let’s have a look at a brief description on No Follow links before continuing to the topic. All of us know that No Follow and Do Follow links are the important factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Off-page SEO is completely dependent upon Do Follow links which helps us to fetch the Google Page Rank (PR). In clear words the websites or blogs with no follow tags (i.e rel=”nofollow”) don’t share their Google page rank, therefore as a result you don’t get Google page rank either by advertisement in that website or by comments.

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You can’t continue with your SEO unless you are not confident about the specific link whether it is do follow or no follow, therefore here is the Google Chrome extension that find outs no follow links and helps you to get those links which are do follow.

Here’s How to Get Google Chrome Extension to Check No Follow Links

  1. Go to Google Extension page and search for “SEO for Chrome”
  2. Add this extension to Google ChromeSEO for Chrome
  3. Now open this extension by clicking on its icon which is located at the top right corner of Google Chrome
  4. Here you see many options such as pages indexed, backlinks, traffic, search stats, social, cached, on-site and domain details as you scroll down. Check the very bottom option “Show NoFollow” to highlight the links which are No-Follow, these links will be highlighted with dotted rectangle in red color.SEO for Chrome no follow link checker

SEO for Chrome is a handy extension for analysis, keyword research, backlink checks, PageRank checks and other very useful SEO tasks.


3 Responses to “How to Check Do Follow and No Follow Links in Google Chrome?”

  1. Webloggerz

    Dec 22. 2012

    was looking for something like this…………………. thnx

  2. Jaime Tolentino

    May 04. 2013

    Thanks for this information. You are my Angel for this morning.

  3. NewTress Hair

    Jun 05. 2013

    It works pretty well. Apparently, some disqus links are DoFollow, like this one for example. Moreover, most disqus links support links such as this one to our hair extensions site. Happy blog commenting.