How to create your own online store!

In our days it is very accepted and advisable to demonstrate one’s store in online version. The modern high technological world provides us with unlimited opportunities and makes our life easier. So for most people it is easier to do shopping in online stores cause in that way they save their time.

create your own online store

The Huge-It have created for you the Product Catalog. This plugin, well known among many plugins of WordPress, will help in forming your online store for your website visitors. Creating your product catalog you can expose, advertise and sale your unlimited products.

There are a number of important and interesting features, about which you need to be informed before choosing this plugin.

  • To your every catalog can be added endless products. Each catalog will contain its corresponding product.
  • The plugin has Rating and Share options, so your consumer can rate the products. They have a chance to write feedback their opinions and share their ideas with you.
  • General Options are free. In case of first you can do various changes, for example you can change the texts of corresponding boxes if you want, such as price block, share block, or comments block texts and so on.
  • As you create a catalog you need to give a beautiful design to it. The 5 pretty views, Block Toggle Up-Down, Full-Height Blocks, Catalog Content Popup, Full-With Blocks, Content Slide, will help you to make your catalog good-looking and inviting.
  • You will have a page of Submissions. What about this page, here you will see the submissions of your customers. If visitors decide to do an order, after pressing on “contact seller” button, they will have to fill the corresponding with their name, e-mail, phone number, message, and answer to the question of Google captcha.
  • In each Product page there is a Parameters tab. Here you can create boxes according to your product. For example if you sell watches, you can write about their condition, brand, color, case diameter, color case, movement, etc.
  • The content of your catalog can be displayed in 3 ways. As you want you can show all, divide in various pages or use “load more” option.
  • The plugin is fully responsive for all sizes of screen. No matter what device are using your visitors while searching a product, they will not have any problem.
  • The admin panel is very friendly and is always ready to give you help. So in case of any problem while using the plugin, do not hesitate to write them.


Today it is so easy to create your own online store that you can not even imagine. So after getting acquainted with substantial features, it only remains you to  install and activate the plugin from WordPress. When plugin is activated a great number of options are waiting for you to make your catalogs more attractive and nicely designed. While creating a catalog, in your admin page you’ll need to add

  • Main image
  • Additional images (you can add uncounted images)
  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Discount price
  • Name for your catalog
  • Other parameters

creating your ecommerce store free

When all this is done, you can choose a view for your catalog according to your taste. The 5 wonderful looks will make your site more inviting and lovely for your visitors.

Block Toggle Up-Down

Choosing this view the images of your catalog will open with Lightbox. The main images of all products will be shown in similar boxes with their titles. Little arrow in the corner of the box will open vertical tape, where will be seen a number of additional images with corresponding description, price and “View product” button. Clicking on that button will open the main page of product catalog, where users can see all parameters of product, write comment, share with them and do an order.

creating your ecommerce store free

Full-Height Blocks

With this view all boxes with main images open vertically. Besides main images there are additional images, description, price and “View more” button.  If you choose this view, your visitors will see all information about product at once.

creating website to sell online

Catalog / Content Popup

– before you open the boxes, you will see the cover images with titles. Clicking on image the main and additional images will open with lightbox, as well as information about product, title, price and “View product” button.

online ecommerce store design

Full-With Blocks –

This view will show in box the main image with additional small images, which open with lightbox, next to the images will be seen their description, price of product and “View product” button.

how to sell product on online store

Content Slider –

With the help of this view your product will get a look of slider with main image and additional images under it. Next to it will be an information, title, price and button of “View product”. With the help of small arrows, which you will find in the corner, you can slide the content.

content slider online store

The plugin offers you many interesting options for product. With this options you can change title font size and color, price font size and color, change buttons style, zoom the images, etc.

In Catalog Options you can have fun creating a wonderful design for your visitors. It gives you a chance to change image’s width and height, “Load more” button styles, product search options, etc.

In Image View Options, which includes Lightbox options and Zoom options, you can give any speed to lightbox opening and closing, choose transition type, slideshow interval and its position. Don’t forget about Zoom options, which allow you to change zoom type, position, zoom window border size and color and many other interesting things.

I hope that my research will help you to create more catching online store for your website and make the shopping pleasant for your visitors.

About the guest author:

My name is Sona. I like to create unique decorations and design evening dresses as well. For creating my own eCommerce site and displaying my designed models, I use WordPress with its wonderful plugins. Though I am not an expert in creating websites or a computer geek, I always use the plugins of WordPress without any difficulties, as they are pretty simple to use. So, if you have any suggestion or advice feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.







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