How to Chat in Google Docs

If you are managing and collaborating with spreadsheets online Google docs is one of the best data online work on spreadsheets and the most convenient thing is that you can Chat in Google Docs while working with a team, Where as in Microsoft words, presentations, forms etc you don’t get this advantage. And you might want to need to spend the large bucks for buying and installing MS office in your pc. After spending much money you can not work online, you can’t take your pc in meetings, schools or somewhere. You can not share your work and files with others or with multiple users in actual.


For over coming with this google introduced google docs. Google Docs permit users to create word processor documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms online. If you want to work online and share your docs with two or more people then Google docs is the perfect solution. Google docs is a a free tool to help you; just you need to sighin with existing id or need to create new one then log in into Google docs and start sharing documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets, etc. with anyone while chatting.

In this post, I want to tell you about how you can enable the chat; when it is not showing in the docs. With Google docs one user can chat in Google Docs with the other users, who are working on same document can chat in Google Docs with each other over the web. Google docs chat is parallel to chat application like gtalk, facebook or yahoo msngr etc. Two google users can do chat while working on the same document or on the shared sheet. But some of us don’t know that about the chat function in Google docs or the window shows on the top right side could not seen. For that we need to enabled chat. Sometime chat option not disable. Follow the below steps for making the chat enabled in the document.

Chat in Google docs

Lets Chat in Google Docs

Directions :-

  1. Go to the Google Documents sign-in page, by typing your user name or password in the text fields.
  2. Open any existence spreadsheet or docs. Now a “green button” shows on the top right side corner- this is chat enabled.
  3. But if you are not able to see it then go to the Views, move the cursor over it and see the “compact controls” checked or not.
  4. If it is unchecked then you are able to see the green button. If it is not then uncheck it and chat option enabled.


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