How to Install a Plugin in WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful and most used CMS, almost 65% of the websites in the internet is powered by WordPress. The cool part of WordPress is that you can customize it to your need with help of plugins, WordPress repository has thousands of opensource plugins which can help you customize your WordPress website. When I first started working with WordPress, I didn’t know how to install plugins and then I learned it from my friend and it seems pretty simple. Plugins give the power of doing things in WordPress. In this article, I’m going to show you various methods to install a plugin to your blog.

In this post we are discussing three methods of installing word press plugin one by one and its really easy to understand you as beginner.

First Method (Easy) :- Install plugin with WordPress Admin Panel:

Go to WordPress Admin Panel – Click on Plugin – Add New

Install Plugins in WordPress admin dashboard


Now Enter the text for the plugin you want to install and then click on search plugin. You will see many options as below given. Final step you need to choose one which is best according to your need and click on the activate. Now we come to second method, which is nor easy and not so muc tough and beginner can do it just with little effort.

Second Method (Medium) :- Manually uploading a plugin

Manually uploading a plugin :- The main thing you need to do is just download plugin from the source. Normally it would be a zip file.

Once it is downloaded. Go to the plugins page from WordPress Admin and then click on the Plugin and from there >> Add new plugin >> and find option to “upload” plugin.

Click on the “Upload” plugin link and in the next page you will find a upload field. Browse the zip file which you just downloaded and upload it to your WordPress. There you go, you have uploaded the plugin, now you can activate it in the next window. Whoa! You just installed the plugin manually.


Now Last and difficult method we can say. Just you need to keep in mind some points and you will do it easily.

Third Method (Difficult) :- Manually uploading a plugin via FTP

Manually uploading a plugin via FTP

If you prefer to upload the plugin via FTP. Follow the below video tutorial which would help you install a WordPress Plugin via FileZilla FTP client.


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