How to invite Gmail contacts to Chat in bulk

Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful . It makes email easy and efficient. Business man, college going students, almost everyone have the gmail account and using it for sharing information, notes and pictures etc. Daily send multiple invitation to connect with other people, but there is one problem some people facing that how to send invitation in bulk.

There are lots of people, who have larger list of contacts. Which you would like to invite to GoogleChat. For the invitations you do this manually by entering gmail address one at a time. It is really hectic to send invitation one by one through gmail to your friends or business contacts in bulk. You will notice that this works out when people have google chat accounts, if not then you might be getting the message that the address is invalid.

In this post I am sharing simple steps and you can send 1000’s of contacts in just a few minutes without wasting much time. To invite bulk list to chat here are the simple tips:

  • Step 1; Sign in into your Googlemail account using your e-mail address and address.
  • Step 2; Click on “Contacts” from the menu on the left corner of your below Gmail logo.
  • Step 3; Now you will see that a window open and Chat Invitations
  • Step 4; Now add the mail ids of your friends, colleagues or any contact and paste them. Its upto 200 not more than that.
  • Step 5; Now click on “send invitation”.


Gmail Chat Invitation


By doing these simple steps you can invite many gmail invitaions just in few minutes. Hope this post helps you and you’ll be able to add bulk contacts easily to gmail chatlm.


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