How to Search By Image Using Google Image Search

Internet has millions of web content and it includes web pages, images pdf and more. Images are something we all love to keep in memory. Reverse image search proves  to be useful if you are trying to identify a similar image file. Lets assume that you are trying to find some image identical to the one you have . In this case you cannot describe the image in search query unless you do something smart.  In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to find an identical or the copy of your image file using a reverse image search. Which means using an image as input rather than using text keyword which we normally do.

Reverse image search helps you find if a copy of your image is used elsewhere without your permission. There are many different tools to do a reverse image search, the most common we use is Google image search. You can find the list of alternative tools at the end of this article.

Just follow below steps and you can search the information as per your need. You can learn more about

Step 1: Go to Google Image search – Click on the camera icon, which is showing right right side in search box.

search by reverse image google

Step 2: There are two ways which you can use as below given.

  • Paste Image URL or Upload Image URL. Select anyone for the result.
Reverse image search

Step 3: You will find the results accordingly. And if you want to get the result for last hour, last one week; you can search for that result shown as in below image.

Google Reverse Image Search



If you want to filter the results based on different times, you can filter it using search tools which you can find in the left side of the search results page on Google.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are already couple of image results in the page which look similar to the ones we have used as search query.

Alternative Tools and Extensions for Reverse image Search

reverse image search chrome extension

Similar tools:

  • – Is a dedicated reverse image search engine with lots of features and plugin option.

Do let us know how you find reverse image search useful and have you found any similar tools or alternatives to perform a similar image search.



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