[Live List] Find Latest Real Time CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

Comment luv enabled blogIf you want to know about how popular is your blog. It should have more than a couple of comments. The comment should related to your niche and topic. It is beneficial for both the owner of the blog or website and the commentator. CommentLuv are are the tool used by the bloggers as they want to share the knowledge and facts about the content they wrote in the post or article. It is the free commenting system(WordPress).

When user leave the comment on comentluv enabled blog or website, the checkbox and CommentLuv icon is activated on each blog post. When user add coments then the plugin searches for their blog and website for the latest post. It automatically adds a very first post link at the bottom of the comment which links back to the post.

How commentluv helps ranking

Commentluv is useful in building the more traffic, encourage people to comment about your post and increase the chances of getting back links with the same niche as yours. It is Search Engine friendly and very easy to install.

When you search the list from google for cummentluv enabled to blog, the list you get most of the sites are outdated and not in use according to your business or market. There is a new technique can be used for to find fresh commentluv enabled blogs. You need to search with an commentluv imge in png or jepg format.

How to find commentluv blogs to leave comments

Let us follow the given below steps one by one :

We are using the Commentluv image as below given.

Step 1

Google- image- click on camera icon as shown below:

Commentluv Google reverse image search

Step 2

There is a small window display where you can see image url or upload an image. You need to click a upload image an choose the image from desktop andhard disk(where you savedimage) as I have choosen cummenluv.png image like the below below

find commentluv blogs

Step 4

After uploading an image you can find the below page display.

Commentluv blogs search

To find Commentluv enabled blogs in your Niche

You need to add the keyword for the niche you are searching for in the search box I use the technology keywords and result showing all the blogs and websites enabled comment luv are given below.

Commentluv blogs based on niche

Finding latest commentluv blogs using Google search tools

There in one more benefit toy can search the cummentluv as per the time. Like if you want to show the cummnetluv enabled post and website in last 24 hours you can click on that and results display.

Commentluv blogs in last 24 hrs


Hope you like this tutorial. You can save time searching for huge list of commentluv blogs and ending up in finding an out dated list. if you follow this tutorial, you can find commentluv enabled blogs in real time. Happy commenting.

If you liked this post, leave your comments below. Also feel free to let us know if you know any other tricks to find latest commentluv blogs.


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  1. jhonty

    Sep 18. 2012

    its really a great and unique trick which I never seen before, just awesome bro. thanks a lot and how to use it to find high pr gov or edu or wiki sites.

  2. Prime Magazine

    Feb 27. 2013

    Now my website has commentluv and you may include its address in the PR1 blog list.

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